Miramar Turnpike Crash Claims the Life of Driver

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In the southbound lanes at the Red Road exit on the Florida Turnpike, a Friday morning accident occurred that only involved a single vehicle. The investigation at the time only showed that the driver in an SUV went off the road and drove through trees on the side of the highway.

The accident occurred at approximately 5:30am and the driver, Aurelia Aileen Canzoneri, was operating her 2003 Lincoln Navigator. The 39-year-old driver was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident, but unfortunately, she did not survive her injuries.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash. As of now, they are speculating that Canzoneri may have experienced a medical emergency or fallen asleep behind the wheel.

No details have been released as to where she was headed or about her state before getting on the road that morning. Her family has not yet released a statement to the press to offer any information or answers as to why this accident might have occurred.

The family appears to want to understandably have privacy at this time while they mourn their loved one and await answers for what happened on this fateful Friday morning.

Florida Highway Patrol and other local authorities have only released the driver’s name and the detail that the accident only involved a single vehicle. It is known she died, but it is not known what the extent of her injuries were or if they were what ultimately led to her death.

“When drivers set out on the road, the last thing they expect is to be the victim of an accident, especially a single-vehicle accident. Additionally, this often comes with the shock of loved ones,” says John Bales, one of  Florida ‘s top law firm’s personal injury attorneys, who can contact by clicking on johnbales.com. “When this kind of tragedy strikes, it is important that the victim and their loved one get the answers they need and any justice in terms of liability that is warranted.”

Canzoneri was married for 20 years to James Canzoneri. He only mentioned to the press that the two had been married this long and that they have three sons together: Jack who is 12, Nicolas who is 15 and James Jr. who is 18. The press has not spoken to the children or heard anything about what they have to say.

As authorities gather more information, the public will learn more about the cause of this fatal accident. Right now, it is very much a mystery until the medical examiner is able to complete a full autopsy on Canzoneri. After it has been fully completed and all results are in, this may shed more light on what caused her to veer off the road and crash through a number of pine trees.

Investigators are using some information from her family and video footage as of now to try and piece together the cause of the accident and the exact way that it transpired early last Friday morning. More details will be forthcoming, but you are more then welcome to share any other information or a clue regarding this case. John Bales Attorneys Help family of the victim find their peace.