Fatal Drive-By Shooting Leaves UC Santa Barbara in a State of Shock

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The University of California-Santa Barbara was shocked when they learned about a series of drive by shootings that resulted in the death of 7 people and the injuries of 7 more.

The shooting spree tool place in Isla Vista at approximately 9:30 p.m. The first 911 call alerted officers to a shooting attack. While officers attended the injured victims at the initial scene, another call came in reported that shots had been fired in another section of the campus.

38e3aa40-52a7-4896-9663-0b50cf64e8f9-2060x1487Deputies report that when they spotted the shooter, he fled the scene only to engage in a firefight with officers when he was once again spotted a few minutes later. Deputies report that the shooter used Del Playa Drive to escape the firefight. When they found his car a few minutes later, they discovered the shooter had died as a result of gunshot wounds. At the time, it was unclear if the fatal shot had been fired by a deputy during the fire fight or if it was self-inflicted. Deputies found a semi-automatic handgun in the car with the driver.

At the time of the shooting, Nikolaus Becker was near the scene of the first shots, just outside the Habit, 888 Embarcadero Del Norte. At first, he thought someone was using firecrackers. It wasn’t until he hear the second round of shots that everyone realized that they were hearing gunfire.

Santa_Barbara_shooting“That’s when they yelled at us to get inside and take cover,” Becker said. One of the first things Becker saw when he came out of the restraint after the attack was the three body bags containing victims who hadn’t survived the ordeal.

“It was chaotic and there’s a lot of rumors flying around,” Becker said. “It was so strange, afterwards there was still people outside riding their bikes. One guy was doing his homework.”

The shooter in this case has been identified as a student at the university. School records indicate that while he did enroll in classes, he frequently dropped out of them. It’s believed that the shooting spree was triggered after he’d been rejected by various sorority sisters. When the authorities investigated his rented apartment, they located his manifesto as well as several videos in which the shooter stated that he wished to kill sorority sisters.

It’s believed that the shooter as also involved in in some stabbing deaths prior to his shooting spree. At least two of the stabbing victims are believed to have been his roommates.

“We are horrified and deeply saddened by the tragic events in Isla Vista last night….  We grieve for the precious lives lost, and we share in the heartbreak of their families, friends, and classmates,” Henry T. Yang, chancellor of the university stated in  a letter he released following the shootings.

Miramar Turnpike Crash Claims the Life of Driver

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In the southbound lanes at the Red Road exit on the Florida Turnpike, a Friday morning accident occurred that only involved a single vehicle. The investigation at the time only showed that the driver in an SUV went off the road and drove through trees on the side of the highway.

The accident occurred at approximately 5:30am and the driver, Aurelia Aileen Canzoneri, was operating her 2003 Lincoln Navigator. The 39-year-old driver was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident, but unfortunately, she did not survive her injuries.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash. As of now, they are speculating that Canzoneri may have experienced a medical emergency or fallen asleep behind the wheel.

No details have been released as to where she was headed or about her state before getting on the road that morning. Her family has not yet released a statement to the press to offer any information or answers as to why this accident might have occurred.

The family appears to want to understandably have privacy at this time while they mourn their loved one and await answers for what happened on this fateful Friday morning.

Florida Highway Patrol and other local authorities have only released the driver’s name and the detail that the accident only involved a single vehicle. It is known she died, but it is not known what the extent of her injuries were or if they were what ultimately led to her death.

“When drivers set out on the road, the last thing they expect is to be the victim of an accident, especially a single-vehicle accident. Additionally, this often comes with the shock of loved ones,” says John Bales, one of  Florida ‘s top law firm’s personal injury attorneys, who can contact by clicking on johnbales.com. “When this kind of tragedy strikes, it is important that the victim and their loved one get the answers they need and any justice in terms of liability that is warranted.”

Canzoneri was married for 20 years to James Canzoneri. He only mentioned to the press that the two had been married this long and that they have three sons together: Jack who is 12, Nicolas who is 15 and James Jr. who is 18. The press has not spoken to the children or heard anything about what they have to say.

As authorities gather more information, the public will learn more about the cause of this fatal accident. Right now, it is very much a mystery until the medical examiner is able to complete a full autopsy on Canzoneri. After it has been fully completed and all results are in, this may shed more light on what caused her to veer off the road and crash through a number of pine trees.

Investigators are using some information from her family and video footage as of now to try and piece together the cause of the accident and the exact way that it transpired early last Friday morning. More details will be forthcoming, but you are more then welcome to share any other information or a clue regarding this case. John Bales Attorneys Help family of the victim find their peace.

The Law surrounding Dog Bites in New York

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Dogs are beautiful loving animals who are often described as man’s best friend. However when dogs are handled incorrectly or put in difficult, stressful situations they may react badly.

Dogs show many calming signs before they react aggressively but unfortunately not every dog owner knows how to recognise or prevent these.

A dog bite can be extremely dangerous to anyone, especially children or elderly people. In some cases dog bites can even be fatal.

Around 4.5 million people in America are bitten by dogs each year. 1 out of 5 of those bites can cause a serious personal injury and require medical attention.

In this article we will look at:-

  • How to prevent a dog bite
  • What to do if a dog bites you
  • Laws owners should be aware of to prevent dog bites
  • The law regarding dog bites in New York
  • What damages you could recover

How to prevent a dog bite

The most important thing to remember is if you don’t know a dog don’t touch or approach it. Even cute fluffy dogs can give a nasty bite so if you don’t have the owner’s permission stay away.

Half of all dog bites in America are to children between 5 and 9 years old. Never leave young children alone with a dog, even if it is a close family pet. Children don’t always know how to handle animals and the nicest of dogs can become stressed with a child pulling its ears or running at it with arms flailing.

Dogs are pack animals and as such are very protective of their food. Try not to touch or go near a dog whilst it is eating. Bitches can also get very protective of their puppies especially while they are feeding them, give the mother space so she doesn’t feel threatened.

It is always better to let a dog approach you. If you have to approach slowly and use your voice so they are aware of your presence. If a dog does react to you do not scream and run away. Always stay calm, moving slowly and avoiding eye contact.

What to do if a dog bites you

  • Seek medical attention immediately and call 911 if serious
  • Take pictures of bite and any damage caused to clothing, property etc
  • Get any witness information
  • Collect animal control records, medical records, police reports
  • Report the bite as soon as possible. The NYC Health Code requires dog/ animal bites to be reported within 24hours. Follow this link to fill out the necessary forms http://www.nyc.gov/html/doh/html/environmental/animals-bite-rpt.shtml

Laws owners should be aware of to prevent dog bites

New York state law requires all dogs to be licensed and every dog should always have a license tag attached to their collar at all times. A dog owner may be subjected to fines should these laws not be adhered to.

Dogs are to be kept on a leash which is no longer than 6ft in all public areas unless it is a designated off leash area.

Dogs are considered dangerous should they menace, threaten, attacks or bites a person. This is difficult to define as it can be very subjective. It is important to bear in mind as an owner, that different people might see different behaviours as threatening.

You could be liable for fines or prosecution should your dog be considered out of control or bite someone.

State law requires all dogs to be vaccinated against rabies. If your dog bites someone, you may have to pick up a hefty bill whilst your dog is quarantined should you not have the correct vaccination documents.

There are many other laws surrounding owning a dog in New York City. Download and read up on them here :- http://www.nysba.org/workarea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=27131

The law regarding dog bites in New York

New York is a “one bite free” state. This is a controversial law which means dog owners won’t face any charges if it is the first time their dog has bitten someone.

The law requires dog owners to “use reasonable care” in preventing attacks and injuries from their dog. If your dog is known for being aggressive or showing dangerous tendencies you can automatically be liable for any injuries your dog causes. This means if your dog is seen to be aggressive and attacks a person or another dog you could be potentially end up in jail.

Damages you can recover from a dog biteWhen you receive a personal injury from a dog bite the owners will be liable for all medical damages. Anything that is considered outside of a personal injury, will have to be proven that the dog has previously shown dangerous tendencies.  

If a serious injury has happened the owner could be convicted of an offense. A serious injury means death, risk of causing death or disfigurement.

The statute of limitations in New York state that you have 3 years to file your law suit. However, it is best to speak to a personal injury lawyer or qualified legal professional as soon as possible in order to get the best results.